lost, found.

Above: sunset Monday night on the way to check out Theater Bellevue.

Nothing happening here, getting ready for gigs and trying desperately to reconnect with MFSDxiv. I think I've finally gotten over my "I must eat as much bread as possible to make up for the bread I didn't eat this summer" phase. It was great while it lasted, this phase.

Oh yeah, those stolen recordings? Found. Guy who got robbed found his machine for sale online, bought it back, memory card was still inside with recordings on it. Don't have any more info regarding the obvious question: did the guy bring the cops with him when he went to buy it back?

Probably not, because he's a fellow immigrant, and we like to have as little contact with the authorities as possible. I was just imagining what kind of revenge I might personally go for, and I came up with "bringing a live beehive with me to throw at the thief", which if you know me is almost the least likely scenario in the world (I hate bees).


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