back to normal.

OK, OK, this is good...two or three days in a row of "feeling like blogging". I was getting a little worried.


Non-food moment 1: I inadvertently bought the wrong deodorant and now I no longer smell like myself. I keep having the sensation that I'm wearing someone else's already-worn (but not stinky) shirt. Disconcerting.

Non-food moment 2: if you've been reading this blog regularly at all, you know that, back in the typically difficult summertime timeframe, we had a brush with somehow thinking it was a good idea to talk about personal things in a straightforward manner around here. That feeling has mostly passed, probably because the difficult summer months are over and our needle is out of the red. 

But one artifact of that whole episode is that "the line", you know, the line that if you crossed it things would be different, that line has been pushed further out, or in, as the case may be.

So, for example, now I can casually tell you that I read these two articles almost back-to-back last week that provided sudden and useful insights into my own psychological issues, more so than months of "professional help" has been able to do, and I can tell you this without really agonizing over whether or not it's TMI, because...well, it's not. 

Parental/spousal/friendal advisory: just because one of the articles has the word suicide in it and the other one is an interview with a person who may or may not have just committed suicide, this does not mean that it's time to hide the sharp objects. I promise I'm mentioning these not as a cry for help, but because they really were extremely accurate and helpful, and as you know, I like to recommend helpful things. 


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