Daaamn, I really like me some RadioLab.


And hey speaking of things I really like, I'm heading off to the northern metropolis of Groningen tomorrow for 4 days, final rehearsals and a performance. And a couple of nice dinners, which "you"'ll praaaaaabably hear about.

In the tussentijd, I'm cleaning up me Desktop, and I found this thing that I've been keeping around "for future reference", which I guess is now. The Future Is Now.

It's the vegetarian Xmas menu from an Amsterdam ristorante called De Witte Uyl, and I have been keeping it around because well I'm always looking for good vegetarian ideas. Anyway: here't is, tweaked by moi into ever so slightly more standard English, I swear I'm not being mean. 


1st course
Carpaccio of three kinds of beetroot with a dressing of walnut, soy, and orange served with a cake of warm parsnip and aged Gouda

2nd course
A salad of wok-fried Jerusalem artichoke, Dupuy lentils, leek, and chervil with a poached egg and carrot crisps

3rd course
Tarte tatin of rutabaga, sweet chestnuts and home-smoked celeriac topped with mozzarella

4th course
Ravioli of forest mushrooms, pumpkin, kale and ricotta with a bouillon and foam of cepes

5th course
Goat cheese soufflé served with carrot and sage ice cream

6th course
Orange, jasmine and yuzu ice cream topped with meringue a la minute


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