belly of the beast.

Thank the lerd above that I do not have a job where I actually have to type anything but short grunts and barks. My S key is stuck, and apparently it's quite a popular letter.

Is this weather getting to anyone else? Too much of a good thing maybe? I'm feeling a bit, meh...frowny, I guess, and I just got shampoo in my eyes, that's no help. Plus my S key as I mentioned. Also, my number 1 monkey is far away and I miss her terribly all of the sudden. Boo. Here she is, shakin' it on the Scottish tundra.

To console myself, I've got some cooking coming up tomorrow and Thursday. Nothing crazily exciting-sounding, but dammit there's a reason that vegetarian chili is such a tired old cliché: it's cheap, perfect for an informal group hang, and it can be awesomely satisfying with the right garnishes. Sometimes it's just the right thing to do.

And right now is being one of those times! Look at that fucking enthusiasm! In the interest of making chili-cooking ever-so-slightly more stimulating, I'm looking forward to trying previously-untested recipes from Herbivoracious:
vegetarian chiliand brown butter cornbread.

UPDATE: What am I talking about? No one's chili recipe is better than mine. I started trying to do Herbivoracious's but then started doing little tweaks until I was basically just making mine (no disrespeck intended, yo). I'll be having that cornbread, though.



Michael @ Herbivoracious.com said...

None taken :)! But do tell us what is in yours. I still use your smoked paprika and cinnamom combination on quesadillas, that is genius.

MEM said...

Aw thanks!

I can't even find my own chili recipe on this site...i've made it so many times that i think "no use in writing down the recipe", but it's possible that i never did actually write it down.

anyway: my differences are slight but semi-numerous.

1) I always start with a couple of good bay leaves and at least a tbsp of dried epazote if i'm making beans.

2) I also typically throw some cloves of garlic in the bean water at the beginning.

3) I cook the beans until just done, then i add the tomatoes and chiles, and a bottle of darkish beer...

4) for a complex smokiness i use three things: chipotles, a little pimenton, and a tiny bit of good liquid smoke. the first two can be added when you add the tomatoes...

5) since there's almost no fat in it so far, i typically put a couple of tbsp of butter in somewhere close to the end...it really rounds out the flavor and tempers the smoky elements...

OK. i now realize that i should write this down once and for all...or at least locate it. i'll be back!

MEM said...

Oooh, and where's your cumin at? To me it's not chili without cumin seed.

MEM said...

I feel like that scene in Swingers where he's just leaving message after message on the answering machine.

Ignore my hasty and ambiguous notes above, or at least take them with a grain of (coarse) salt. I'll just do a complete post on the recipe here up next...it'll be therapeutic.