back up.

Above: current view from the MoopCam. And a slightly morbid one at that.


I can't log in. On account of there's somethin' wrong with my Google cookies. Google's insides are a rocky place where my seed can find no purchase etc. etc. etc.

I mean, I can log in, eventually, but I have to type my password about 6 times, and as I've mentioned, my S key is stuck. Not that there are any S-es in my password, 'cause there ain't!!!

It could be Google's problem. Or it could be tiny_a continuing to foment a tiny rebellion. Or I could have devolved into one of those "end-users" who thinks their CD drive is a cupholder, and I just can't operate my own machinery anymore.


What's all this tech talk about, Johnny? Well I just managed to dig up some old email from 12 years ago or so, lots of it, like 5000 messages (roughly 4300 of which are Amazon.com purchases...ah, money, how I miss you so). And the process of getting them from my one old-ass proprietary email client into my current, slightly-less old-ass proprietary email client, both clients released by the same slightly-incompetent very large company, was way way way too hard.

My point? Spend some time away from your computer. C'mon, let's all do it.


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