casunziei, brown butter, poppy seeds, chives.

Felt old just now, when I didn't know what slash fiction was.


After many fits and starts, we did make Venetian casu(m/n)ziei tonight after all. In fact, I made two different filling recipes because there were so many slight variations out there, most of them boiling down to ricotta or no ricotta.

They were both beautiful to look at, with and without. In the end, I think we preferred the ricotta-beet-potato-Parmesan-nutmeg version, but the plainer beet-potato-breadcrumb-nutmeg was more distinctive and ultimately not bad at all, unless you were in the mood for cheese. Sauce was brown butter, Parmesan, a teeny bit of cinnamon, and chives, all essential, and poppy seeds, essentiality undetermined.

After some ravioli we spent some time examining the mechanics of making ugly faces, and after that, Andy regaled us with hilarious English things Valentina has said, a list of which he keeps on his phone. She added one tonight using the words "prehensible" and "vagina". I love that "prehensible" was not even the word she really meant, she meant "prehensile", two great English words....but I leave the rest to your imaginations.

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