holy exploding corn kernels.

So, yes, I did make pozole this weekend, and I did learn a couple of things. Most notably, I learned that I may want to "de-head" this particular brand of posole before I make it the next time.

Notice I didn't say "behead". What we're talking about is this little brown semi-nipply nub on every kernel called the "pedicel". Which sounds not much like a head at all, but more like a foot thing, doesn't it. Regardless, here's the rub: some brands of posole have this semi-nipply nub removed, and this removal allows your kernels to "blossom", or "blow the fuck up", much earlier in the cooking process.

It's supposedly a strictly aesthetic thing, this blossoming, but I think there's more to it than that. I had to cook this batch of pozole for almost 6 hours before the kernels blossomed, and by then the texture of the individual kernels was a little too destroyed.

Another issue is that these particular kernels are big, very big. This is Peruvian posole, and it's much less dainty than the Rancho Gordo stuff we used so successfully the last few times. I ended up doing a chicken pozole, and frankly the shredded chicken didn't really stand up to these gargantuan kernels. It was good, but not great: I'm thinking that these guys need pork, big pieces of pork.

Just FYI.



Klary Koopmans said...

very timely, because I want to make pozole with the same hominy this weekend.. so I need to remove the little thingy when the kernels are dry (unsoaked?)
was the end result good enough to serve to foodie guests who never had pozole?

MEM said...
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MEM said...

I of course wrote this with you in mind...

Yes, apparently you can flick the little nub off with your thumb, or use a paring knife if you get desperate.

The end result was good, Maranovich just had some tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought it was good, just not as perfectly wonderful as the Rancho Gordo stuff.

The difference is all texture, not taste. It's just that the kernels are way bigger, so I think you have to add more of whatever protein you're using in order for it to seem right. That's my guess.

MEM said...

I just had a bowl for research purposes, and I also totally enjoyed it (in fact, I'm thinking of having another bowl), but I would say: make it a day or two ahead of time. I finished this batch on Saturday and it's been getting better every day. Also, if you make it beforehand and the kernel size freaks you out, you can always go to Plan B.