In preparation for September's week-long Berlin adventure (two interesting gigs with these guys, one of which is at some remote but provocative-looking venue pictured above, an hour outside of Berlin) here's part two of Gourmet's pretty lame Hallo Berlin! series, this installment covering currywurst. Which I tasted the last time I was in Berlin, and I must say, the city's 5am chicken shwarma joints left a vastly less delible impression. Currywurst is about half as good as things I do to sausage all the time. Go ahead and raise your eyebrows if you like.


As you may know, I haven't travelled much lately outside of some trips to the States. Some years ago, though, I used to be a fearsome-ass travel researcher, I don't know if this will be a surprise or not. I'm talking about weeks of poring over and cross-referencing a stack of variably reliable guide books, potentially countless man-hours of research that would ultimately culminate in the construction of nearly invisible, totally customized miniature maps, utilizing intricate folding techniques based on what time of day it was or what neighborhood we were in, etc.

Spy shit, basically. I think I'm all better now, but just tonight when I was briefly gripped by an impulse to do some "planning" for Berlin, I remembered that, well...much has changed. There are blogs now. Here's my starting point. This looks helpful as well.


dutchgrub said...

berlin is amazing! i try to go there at least once per year!

here is another interesting blog for good restaurants and food in berlin: http://bitchinberlin.wordpress.com/

Klary Koopmans said...

also, bringing a laptop on your trip eliminates the need for excessive pre-trip planning.. I'm doing that for the first time this year, curious how it will work ou!

MEM said...

thanks for the link dutchgrub...looks good. and yes, i like berlin a lot as well...my only problem with it is that is steals so many Amsterdammers from our music scene...i will try not to fall too deeply under its spell.

KK, it's true: the last time i went to Berlin, Wifi was still a luxury and blogs were still just picking up steam...and I didn't have the tiny tiny laptop i do now. but i do need to do a little planning beforehand b/c i'll be superbusy most of the time i'm there.....