swing and a miss.

When was the last time you made something completely inedible? It had been a while for me before tonight, I mean like a solid 3 years or so. Tonight: I can barely even think about it at the moment, I...really did not enjoy it. It was supposed to be some sort of Persian chicken, but yeah...there are some cuisines I shouldn't really attempt without a recipe in front of me. Plus I was using an unfamiliar ingredient (chicken legs... we don't eat chicken really). 

All is can say is ewww. It was like Sour Soylent Green. I mean the texture of the chicken was nas-teeeee, rubbery, flaccid, fatty, gag, ulp. The only way to purge the experience from my mind was to bake two sweet potatoes with cinnamon and sugar (it was my dinner! C'mon, I didn't use any butter. They're vegetables!) They smelled so good I thought someone had snuck a batch of cookies into the oven. I was working on something and then suddenly I looked up and said "Damn, who's baking up a dang ol' batch of cookies* in heah?" Mmm.

* That's an old Donald Barthelme trick, the "bad patois". Any clumsy-sounding dialect that the author knows isn't authentic-sounding. Try it, it's fun! 


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