more gauze, this time with feeling.

Any idea what this is? In this photo it reminds me very much of Italian hospital equipment.

How about this view from above?

OK, maybe if I show you the nurse's station:

Why...those aren't nurses, you fiend! Those could only be....my God, no--vinyl mastering technicians!!! Actually one vinyl mastering technician (right) and the man who is on the A-side of the soon-to-be-pressed Double Headphone Project (he runs the label, so...of course, he gets the A-side. Just kidding, Ivo!!!!).

So, yes, they take your finely-crafted, agonizingly overconsidered, lovingly-rendered audio file and play it through a bunch of amazingly expensive vintage Italian hospital equipment that I don't understand at all (in fact, one of the weirdest things about today was being surrounded by technology about which I knew absolutely nothing), and it somehow gets etched/burned into this copper disc which becomes the, eh...master? I don't even know what it's called (Wikipedia does, though).

This copper disc then gets on down to an actual assembly line, where warm gobs of raw vinyl are mechanically fed into something that looks like a sandwich press (ah...the food connection, finally!), and pwong!!! Piping-hot records come out!

Crazy. So then I went home to my laboratory/kitchen table to continue figuring out how to turn this pile of wires and boxes I 've accumulated into Double Headphones Comes Alive! (two weeks away), but I had some sort of bug in my system:

A big, gross caterpillar of some sort as far as I can tell. Completely obscuring my work surface with its writhing, invasive, fuzzy bulk.

How'd she get so big? Too many omelets maybe.


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