Ever wonder if you are? 

You probably are. I may even be. Tonight, just now in fact, I punted the memory of last night's Dinner Abomination over the border of and directly into the heart of Anomalyland. 

In other words, tonight's dinner was easier, quicker, and roughly 1.3 trillion times better. I roasted another chicken, because they're only 2.99 at the Dirk and because the last one was so caveman-good. 

My goal this time was to see if a less fussy recipe would work anywhere near as well as the Dean & Deluca bird-flipping spectacular (they had you flipping and basting the bird every 15 minutes, which basically means that I wasted 90 minutes because I can't multitask creative endeavors and cooking...creatively I'm single-threaded). Remember, I'm new to this whole chicken thing. 

And lo, my Sunday Bird was even better than the last one and only required one bird flip. I used one of the variations for Claudia Roden's djaj fil forn, an Egyptian recipe. Basically, rub the bird with olive oil, cinnamon, allspice, salt, and pepper. I threw some carrots in the roasting pan halfway through and baked at 190C for 90 minutes. Keeper!

Photo: Mara. She's at her parents' place, coming across old photos, like one does, and tormenting this lonely duck with them, like one does. 



Abra said...

The easiest, and sometimes I think the best, roast chicken in the world is the Thomas Keller recipe. Salt it really heavily and put it in a 500° oven for an hour. That's it. You absolutely have to have a kitchen fan, though. And sometimes I chicken out and only go for a 475° oven.

MEM said...

Well thanks Miss Abra, I'll try that one next Sunday! So, no flipping? What cojones this Keller feller has. Breast-side down, I assume?