up on the rooftop.

Click, click, click? One fewer click and you've got yourself a Wu-Tang puzzler, featuring the immortal verse:

These are the bones, bones from the grave of Houdini
G-Dini, Ronzoni noodles sprinkled on your embry'

Climb like the deficit, profits, death threats
to Israel
slid through Bethlehem bong on one wheel
Syringes, rubber bands, needles, the 60's

Grandaddy Caddy was coppin 6 Gs
Be-gosh all that Osh Kosh jumpers
Pink Champale, brown paper bags, wall-to-wall bumpers

Thank you, Ghostface Killah.


We had a barbecue on the roof last night, really our first since we've lived here. Sure, we've eaten on the roof before, but we've never actually cooked on the roof before...Mara bought me a little Weber grill for our anniversary, and I broke it in this week. Unfortunately no pictures of the food, things got out of control at the last minute and I was lucky to get the fish off the grill in one piece (I had sticking trouble...I'm out of practice!).

We had a beautiful piece of salmon (thank you mister fish), cut into portions and rubbed with lots of ground coriander seed, brown sugar, a little garlic powder and salt and pepper. Super good, and no time at all to prepare. The only thing you have to remember is that coriander has to be cooked at very high heat to mellow and caramelize it, at least that's what I've been told.

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