season's closing.

As the two regular readers of this blog are already aware, the building in which we live contains a restaurant, bar, art gallery, and performance spaces (among other things). The cooks and music programmers take the months of July and August off (as do most live music venues in town), so this week is the last of the season, and it always serves to remind us how easy it is to take the whole thing for granted. So, this week not only did I go to Tuesday night jazz/improv like I usually do (pictured: Oscar-Jan Hoogland, Ig Henneman, and Alan "Gunga" Purves, one of the most reliably outstanding drummers in town and a fantastic comedian as well):

But I also went to the vegetarian Wednesday night meal (3 courses for 4.60). Unfortunately, I didn't reserve, so I got the "backup food" instead of the real menu. But if it was the same cooks behind all of it I think I get the picture. Let's just say I got my money's worth. Still, a very convivial atmosphere and good music on the stereo makes for a nice social Wednesday's grubtime, followed by an evening of music from the Corrie van Binsbergen crew.


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