sonik tooth.

What a weekend. Mara developed an abscessed tooth on Friday night, just in time for it to be impossible for us to find anyone who could/would treat her for it: oral surgeons don't work on weekends in Nederland, or if they do they're real secretive about it. Finally we saw somebody yesterday (Monday, yes, that's 48 hours' worth of severe dental pain later) who could do something about it, but the swelling is still (actually even more) gigantic and my little mooperbird looks like she's been cruelly Photoshopped into the Elephant Moop.

Dus, there has been no eating of anything other than yoghurt, mashed potatoes, and pindasoep (Surinamese peanut soup) for the past couple of days. I'm trying to get more creative with it now that the crushing stress has been lessened.

UPDATE: There is one bit of food-related news here: the only thing that helped Mara's pain on Sunday was the blisteringly extra-super hot Surinaamse sambal mentioned here. She would soak a Q-Tip in the oil on top of the sambal and then rub the Q-Tip on her tooth/gum area. Good ol' capsaicin to the rescue. We were obviously totally desperate for relief, but it did actually help a bit, plus it was the best-smelling dental treatment ever.

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