Lazy sonofabitch though I am, somehow I'd never made this mistake before: mashed potatoes using an immersion blender. I really had no idea not to do this, I guess mostly because I've made mashed potatoes start-to-finish about 5 times in my entire life...usually I let someone else do the mashing.

Last night, I was very pleased to be making some lovely roasted garlic mash for the Elephant Moop since she hasn't eaten much hot food lately, and well I just thought I'd save some time with the old Braun stick blender. The resulting food item was very interesting and possessed many unexpected qualities but ultimately, eating it could not really be considered "time well spent".

This handy article from the BBC explains what happened. And actually, the BBC Food section has quite a few nifty and helpful resources: for example, here's what's in season right now.

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