spring break: auschwitz.

Insert humorous lead-in here, but not too humorous: we're going to Auschwitz for Spring Break 2017. My main non-WWII history goal is to eat some food from Georgia. The republic.

And yes, I know it seems terribly, awfully wrong to have food plans around Auschwitz, but we will have a 15 year old and a 70 year old in the car, and we'll have to eat lunch on the way to the ehm "museum", we're coming from Wroclaw, and so it's like either get something at a gas station, which is almost always the same shitty food everywhere in the world, or have a lunch that is remotely Polish.


Hotel Theophano. So many of the hotel reviews say "great food" that we should probably look at the menu when we get there. If not, there's always....
Himmel & Holle: Heaven and Hell, a flammekuchen place that KK recommended from her travels a while back.
Vincent's Käsekuchenbäckerei. A place that only does big pieces of cheesecake, this is another KK recommendation, but it's hard to imagine where it could be squeezed in. But there it is anyway.

Chinkalnia. Georgian, a chain, but food looks pretty good. Ambience, not very inspiring.
U Gruzina. Georgian. A snackbar more than a cafe, but good emergency lunch option. The whole point is chaczapuri po adzarsku. I guess I'd rather drive 10 minutes to get here for a quick lunch and get my Georgian needs taken care of than plan an evening meal around it.
Mleczarnia. In the hotel. It's a self-service restaurant maybe? Anyway, reviews are very good, seems worth a beer and a bite at least.
Mama Manousch. I had a really hard time finding a place that looked like it would be OK for everybody...this was the best I could do.
Przedwojenna. Well this sounds good: “Stinky place. Every night full of drunk people who don't require any social standard. Beer is awful, vodka as well." But the photos. Full of nothing but steak tartare and beer.
Sarah. A Jewish/Polish place, looks like it could be OK but I wouldn't lead with this. Wroclaw: difficult.

Chata na Zaborskiej. This looks like a lodge with supposedly great food.
Karczma Mlynowska. This looks like Disneyland. With supposedly great food. Could be, eh, fun.

Przystanek Pierogarnia. Pierogies. Another chain, with four locations.
Guliwer. Looks like a civilized breakfast option.
Moment. Supposedly good breakfast, but looks way lounge-y.
Kolanko No. 6
. Mm, they have a breakfast buffet, but still individual things sound good, kind of an emergency cafe option.
Klezmer Hois. Our hotel, in the Jewish Quarter, a total tourist attraction and the restaurant looks exactly how that sounds, but I could imagine succumbing to this after a long long day.
Khinkalnia. Same Georgian chain, just in case Wroclaw doesn't work out.
Miod Malina.
Haha Bar & Grill. Can't remember why (oh right, zapiekanki).
Cafe Mlynek. Vegetarian cafe, recommended from several places, but sounds like "good but not mind-blowing" is the general consensus.
Zielona Kuchina. Beetje gourmet, zeg, not much vegetarian but one option per course.
Introligatornia Smaku. Also.

Not totally sure this is happening.

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