So the other night My First Internet Friend went for a 23km hike through the frozen tundra, a hike whose endpoint was literally right around the corner from here, and so I made a kind of stupidly complicated appetizer with which to welcome her to this fair city.

This is a chickpea flour pancake with tamarind syrup (loosely based on this) topped with a dry potato curry (closely based on this), mint pea mash (not visible in photo), pudina pachadi or "green chutney" (here), Anna Jones' roasted maple-lime coconut, and some little pink cubes of Turkish pickled turnip.

I was trying to make something that tasted like bhel puri but wasn't cold, and yes, this did that. Sure would be nice if there was a slightly easier way to get that feeling though, maybe it would be as simple as skipping the potatoes and peas, just making the pancakes, two chutneys, toasted coconut and some store-bought Rice Krispies.


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