primary colors.

This is to hpu, yes, which is not a ty po, Terrill Soules wherever you are. It's also called Burmese tofu or tohu thoke or Shan tofu, but while room temperature to hpu is certainly a super interesting substance, like a cross between polenta and a Spanish tortilla, it's absolutely nothing like tofu.

This is the recipe I used to get where I am so far, which I trusted because it's suspiciously identical to the Dutch one from Anna Jones' cookbook that I tried to use, but, like so much of the cooking I'm doing lately, the process is so unfamiliar (for me) that I had to find an English version to be certain that these were really the steps.

Anyway. More when I figure out what to do with it. Guess something like this is one option, or this...but maybe the first thing to do is try the New York Times' recipe for tohu thoke.

In other news, found a pretty good thing to do with discarded, unloved mandarin oranges: basically oranges, vinegar, sugar, a big pile of ginger, dates, walnuts, cloves, cumin, and a few other things, cooked for a long time.

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