anudder whorl.

I am cooking in another world. Elzer has gone gluten-free, and dairy-free, and sugar-free, and she was already meat-free and egg-free and fish-free. You might think that that means there's nothing left, but no, there are things left, you've just never eaten most of them in the forms we're turning them into. Today she made crackers out of seeds. I'm making tofu out of chickpea flour. Yogurt made from coconut cream is doing it's thing in the fridge. Nothing is as it seems. Up is down. Black is white.

I'm trying to quote Eddie Dane in Miller's Crossing, but I don't think I'm doing a very good job (Editor's note:
Eddie Dane: Very smart. What were you doing at the club, talking things over with Leo?
Tom Reagan: Don't think so hard, Eddie. You might sprain something.
Eddie Dane: You are so goddamn smart. Except you ain't. I get you, smart guy. I know what you are. Straight as a corkscrew. Mr. Inside-Outski, like some goddamn Bolshevik picking up his orders from Yegg Central. You think you're so goddamn smart. You join up with Johnny Caspar, you bump Bernie Bernbaum. Up is down. Black is white. Well, I think you're half smart. I think you were straight with your frail, I think you were queer with Johnny Caspar... and I think you'd sooner join a ladies' league than gun a guy down. Then I hear from these two geniuses they never even saw this rub-out take place.
Frankie: Boss said to have him do it. He didn't say nothing about...
Eddie Dane: Shut up! Or maybe you still got too many teeth. Everyone is so goddamn smart. Well, we'll go out to Miller's Crossing... and we'll see who's smart.)

The most surprising thing is that we're actually eating pretty well, lots of little things that feel healthy and taste good. Pictured above: sweet potato pao de queijo, without cheese, so they should really be called something else, but they were a totally viable breakfast food if you didn't eat 6 of them like I did (recipe here, though I left out the herbs and doubled the amount of water). And below is a nice oatmeal variation from Anna Jones, whose cookbook just seems to keep getting better the more weird stuff you try and even the obvious things end up being nice variations, like this: whole oats, oat milk, tahini, coconut yogurt, chia seed, date syrup, grated red apple, coconut flakes.

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