day 4, atlanta: the walking dead.

A Full Day. Above: what's it mean when there's a black cat outside your hotel room door first thing in the morning? Below: the sidewalk in front of the hotel, probably pointing directly at our room.

Below that: award-winning biscuits, an excellent pancake, and an equally good real live celebrity sighting at Java Jive. Then a well-spent hour or so spent wandering through Highland Row Antiques.

Then Little 5 Points: Wax 'N' Facts. A cheap and dirty plate of vegetable sides at The Euclid Avenue Yacht Club, where we met friendly people who wanted to know more about our country, and who were also drinking bourbon before noon because it was (unbeknownst to us) the Little 5 Points Halloween Festival and Parade. Somehow we have no pictures at all of the 500 people who were dressed up despite sweltering temperatures. And no pictures of the parade itself. Goed gedaan!

But this is because we were meeting The Durians at the Wrecking Bar Brewpub, which we also have no pictures of. We have no pictures of the rather royal table we sat at, nor the corn pups, nor Terrill and Mary's fight, nor the 18-piece brass band that showed after the parade to play Queen songs, nor the yellow motorcycle in the gas station parking lot playing Luther Vandross at a barely comfortable volume.

Then, only Stuart was hardy and foolhardy enough to accompany us to the Clermont Lounge, where we spent an hour wondering how it still exists. Continuing our dedication to non-documentation, we also have no pictures of Fellini's, where the three of us attempted to put ourselves back together after all of this. We do have a picture that Terrill took from the safety of his library.

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