day 16, santa fe: absence of farmers market; donuts/coins; the shed; strawberry jalapeño donuts and mole: pumpkin posole to go.

This was the kind of day that you're not exactly sure how you got through when you look back. For example, did I really hop out of bed and, still cradling my first cup of coffee, dash out to the "Santa Fe Farmers Market" with Nouf?

I put "Santa Fe Farmers Market" in quotes because as you can see below, there is no Santa Fe Farmers Market in the spot where we went. This is where it's supposed to be. We had the wrong day. It was funny, and fortuitous, because had it been there, who knows how the rest of the day would've evolved.

So we went on to part two of the plan, which involved making fun of every Papyrus-fonted sign we saw and then correctly choosing between Donuts and Coins, which somehow allowed us to pick up white chocolate bark at this chocolate place whose name eludes me but that I shall deduce soon. I myself split off and made up a part three of the plan by picking up awesome-sounding things at Whoo's Donuts, since we were there and all.

I then of course dressed up as a life-sized poop emoji and the second part of the day began. Nelson and Nouf and I would go to Whole Foods, because Nelson had never seen one. Then we would score one tiny veggie taco each from El Parasol (something like these), with salsa you should sip like gazpacho, and eat them in the car on the way to the Santa Fe Spirits Tasting Room, which in my mind will always be most famous for being located next to Santa Facials (not joking). a name which is just begging for Google Trouble.

Then Peter showed up in an Uber, he seemed as confused as anybody about it. Then, The Shed. Then...Xmas ornament shopping? In which I told Nelson to buy something which I was convinced was a chile pepper, only to find out in the light of day it was a pickle. We also met the future mayor of Santa Fe with his ventriloquist's dummy.

Then Draft Station while Nouf picked up some pumpkin posole to go from The Plaza Cafe. Then homeward with The Highwaymen. Then donut/mole experiments. Then pumpkin posole, possible Food Highlight of Trip 2016.

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