As you know, we're not normally one to cast aspersions (nor are we apparently one to fully comprehend how many people we are exactly or at the very least how pronoun-verb agreement works), but yeah we have to say that Inspiralized reads, well, like someone found a gimmick that they're trying really really hard to turn into a blogging/cookbook career at any cost.

Ooo, rrraouw, catty much, duck? Don't get me wrong, I understaaaaand. Most people need careers. It's just not very relaxed or natural-seeming as a blog. And so far it's (rrrraouw!) way better for inspiration than for actual recipes...well, OK, this beet/pear/goat cheese/pistachio/bacon idea above was almost really good with a few tweaks and way easier than it looks.

But even better were a couple of carrot inspirations: a carrot alfredo using a VDuck alfredo sauce was totally great (spiralizer set on biggest setting, cook noodles for 4-6 minutes in the sauce). And I've made carrot pappardelle a couple of times now (noodles made with a kaasschaaf, cooked for 10-15 minutes in the red sauce, served with lots of parmigiano), both totally valid pasta substitutes.

The next experiments will probably be sweet potato based: the ingredient list for BBQ Sweet Potato Noodle Buns With Smoked Mozzarella sounds great but the whole thing desperately needs a different assembly than the one pictured. Rrraouw.

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