Since my music blog is closed until further notice, I'm putting this here.

I need to buy an amp. Why is every other piece of gear more exciting than buying an amp? Buying new strings is more exciting than buying a new amp. I have at least 9 guitars at the moment, possibly more that I'm forgetting about. Why? Because they're fun to buy, and by the time you're my age you've been buying them for 30 years or so, so they add up. But how many guitars do I actually need? Not 9. In fact I'm pretty sure my guitar needs are covered at the moment. All I'm really doing is playing lapsteel anyway.

My point is, despite what my clicking habits suggest, I don't need any more guitars, pedals, or any other accessory except a fucking amplifier, one that 1) I like the sound of and 2) I can kind of carry without a car. When I'm not gigging, which is currently the case, it's easy to forget how much I dislike my current amp, the Fender Blues Junior. So here's me trying to be proactive and narrow down my field of things to look at so I can sort this out before my next gig in July.

1)  Supro Titan. Cute and sassy. And really unfortunately, what the fuck, €1,700? It's tiny. Actually, looking again, I probably want the Supro Tremo-Verb, it's 20 lbs. lighter and 400 euro cheaper.

OK, well, still. Expensive. A good bit cheaper in America, but yes, different power supply no workie. Plan B?

SOME TIME LATER: Yeah....this is the problem with starting out at the top, everything else looks shitty. I'm not buying another new Fender. I've never really played through a Vox that I loved. ENGL has now moved on to focus on metal. And everything else under €1,000 just looks like utter crap.

ONE DAY LATER: J-Kim said I should really check out the Vox AC-10 before I spent a lot of money on something else. And since it's half the price of the Supro.....I will.


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