Ehhhhhhhhhh....many challenges. A breakneck pace. Imperfect cellular coverage and a re-gifted old iPhone's reluctance to let every app access that coverage when it exists. The fact that I've literally taken 1,194 pictures on this vacation so far. Etc.

But at the moment the Vulture Bait 2015 team is in a ridiculous hotel in Shelter Cove, CA after a few days of remote camping and/or wild driving adventure, and there is fast WiFi and a spare 30 minutes to review, so here are a couple of snapshots.

Above: Ferndale, probably the most pleasant surprise of the trip so far other than not being eaten by Bear #37 in Yosemite, dying in Death Valley, or sliding off the road into the ocean on the way to Shelter Cove. Below: our first glimpse of said ocean, today at about 14:00. Below that: the Palace Saloon in Ferndale. Below that: 50 seals 20 feet away from me here in Shelter Cove. Below that: Kevin, the beautiful and attention-getting (attention ranging from "Dude is that your Dodge? Sweet paint job," to "Nice van, you fucking hippies") van that starts about 35% of the time you turn the key. May he continue to do so.

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