no regrets coyote.

This is a picture of a coyote in the backyard. My very first real coyote sighting. I realize you can't see him yet from this view, but he's there.

I was passing the back window, and I saw him jogging down the mountain toward the house next door. He looked surprisingly robust, I'd thought/heard that they were these scrawny little moth-eaten things. But this one had a beautiful gold and black coat, and he was sharp-eyed and confident, making me suddenly glad I didn't have any pets going outside at night around here.

So I went outside to try and take a picture of him, and of course he wasn't there. So I went back inside and set my phone down, and of course he then trotted into view, probably 20 feet away from our back fence, not in a real hurry to get away from me.

Unfortunately even with my new phone technology it still takes 45 seconds from the time I decide to take a picture to the time I am actually recording a digital photographic image. So the best I could do was the above completely uninformative shot, of him peering at me over the rise of the hill. Only after I summoned Siri and authoritatively intoned "Enhance" a couple of times do we get to see anything resembling a coyote head:

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