Temperatures are high in our fair city this week, today it was 91F. Also, I have officially wandered beyond the upper range of my perpetual weight seesaw. Thus a week of Salad Concepts.

0) spinach; strawberry; Granny Smith; red onion; pistachio; mustard; balsamic, olive oil, optional fried goat cheese.
1) iceberg; blue cheese; buttermilk; mayonnaise; pine nut; cranberry; black pepper.
2) vadouvan-rubbed cod in nuoc cham with red onions.
3) cherry tomato; toasted almond; plum; sherry vinegar; olive oil; fresh basil.
4) watermelon, tomato, soy, shallot, lime, feta, basil, mint, scallion.
5) beet, orange, red onion, red wine vinegar, pistachio, basil, goat cheese.


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