cope's corn: bought and sold.

I assume this is another chapter in the continuing escapades of Corporations buying The Little Guys in order to tap into that cool niche-y artisan/indie market of "things made with care", then changing the product for the worse and afterwards pretending like nothing happened when customers complain. A representative comment from the Facebook page of Cope's Corn:
I wrote back in November and asked when you changed the canned Copes Corn product, but you said nothing had changed. I am back to say: I'm still sad you changed the product. No matter where I buy it or which label it has, it is still a completely different product. What's odd to me is that when I called and wrote, no one seemed aware that the anything had changed. I find that hard to believe, especially considering the new product is like ground animal feed corn, hard chunks and all (no kernels) in the same sauce. I wish someone would just say, "Yes. We changed the product." Honesty: A family tradition rich with Pennsylvania Dutch history. :)
Burn. NYT article about the original product here. This and this are the reasons I was paying attention in the first place.


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