come, taste my tuber muslin.

Sorry, I thought my days of mocking the Amsterdam restaurant world's English were behind me but this was irresistible.

The restaurant is called COME, which I think is maybe just a hair worse than Eat Me. I thought maybe the COME people were in on the joke, but looking at the English version of their menu makes me think that no they just don't care.

"Just like the COME enjoy, you will get a variety of small dishes," they warn. Fair enough. The fish of the day is "winter codfish smothered in champagne", which sounds like it should be served with a forensics kit. The chicken of the day features both "schorsenerena la crème" (two languages, neither one English, becoming utter gibberish due to spacing) and "tuber muslin" (no idea). The veal duo includes "lende of the stone grill" with "stew of candied peal". Mmmmmm.

I'm available for consultation, people.


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