the intuitive baker.

Well I couldn't be much prouder. I made gluten-free brownies that pretty much look and taste like brownies. And I was done before 8am.

I'm pretty sure this is my first time making brownies ever. I must say, I did some things you're probably not supposed to do when baking, and I can imagine they had some deleterious effects on the final product. For example, in the interest of dirtying one less dish, I threw my unbeaten eggs in the food processor with the sweet potatoes and cocoa and everything else. My results are tiny bit souffle-ish, and maybe this is why? No idea at all. It's a very weird feeling to be cooking and have zero idea whether you're doing anything right, or, more accurately, whether or not you're doing everything wrong.

For the rest, they could be denser and chocolate-ier, like I said they have a bit the texture of a supermoist cake, and I kind of wimped out on the salt b/c I put in almost enough, tasted, and it seemed too salty, but that was before I added the eggs, etc. You live, you learn ect ect ect.

But they're totally pretty good. I could imagine how they could be super good (cream cheese icing? Puccini chocolate chips?). And they have no butter, no flour, nothing bad except well 3 eggs and 100g of dark chocolate. I didn't have almond flour so I used twice as much finely ground hazelnuts and threw some whole ones in there just to use them up.

And: I managed to freeze more than half of it.

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