spring is here.

I saw a butterfly drown today, slowly. One of the sadder deaths I've seen lately, though frankly there have not been a lot. Maybe "drown" isn't the right verb form, should be "drowning": I didn't/couldn't actually watch the whole thing, but the trajectory was grim indeed over the twenty or so minutes I was around. I did look around for an extra-long tree branch or something to use in a daring rescue attempt, but the victim was too far out in the canal for me to do anything about it without me probably becoming a statistic myself.

In other news, I opened up Notepad just now to write some, well, notes, and instead of taking a second or two to open, it just popped to the front as it does when it's already open. Which means that at some point in the last 24 hours I made these notes to myself:

wc 11

Really, I've got no idea. Hopefully a cat walked across the keyboard.


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