de langste dag.

6am: Back to bed after being awakened at 4am by my crepuscular roommates. They're actually going through one of their amazing periods of peace and love with each other (which we're sure is going to end any minute now, especially since I just publicly acknowledged it), sitting by the bedroom window together at sunrise and sunset and chattering at things that we call "the bats" but we're not really sure what they are. Possibly actual bats.

10am: Awake again. Also, we now own a waffle iron. This kind of compensates a bit for being awake.

11am: Initially getting on the computer to figure out what time soundcheck is for tonight's De Kortste Nacht (The Shortest Night) gig at SMART, I fall into a Googhole regarding Billy Squier's career-ending Rock Me Tonight video.

I went to one of the concerts on this tour (1984, Billy Squier and Def Leppard, I was 14 OK?, kids were younger back then), and I will never ever forget how absolutely horrified my friend Mike and I were when Mr. Squier displayed very similar dance moves onstage. I've never used the word "aghast" to describe one of my facial expressions before, but after 10 minutes or so Mike and I turned to each other, completely fucking aghast. I think we would've left early if our parents weren't picking us up. The next day at school, EVERYONE was talking about how gay Billy Squier was. Poor Billy.

12noon: While on the computer, I decide to bite a bullet I've been avoiding. $1300 later, I have a plane ticket to America in August. Does anyone else remember several years ago when transatlantic flights were like 500 bucks? Well at least the food and customer service have improved since then. Oh wait....

I'm sure my enthusiasm will eventually prevail over my whatever feeling you call it when someone sticks it to you good because they have something you need.

1pm: smoked, peppered mackerel and tarragon vinegar-marinated beet sandwich. Chomp.

3pm: Soundcheck is at 8pm. We play at 10:40pm. The evening's entertainment finishes at 5:20am. I am going to the gym. I am going to the gym. I am going to the gym.

3:38pm: I am going to the gym.


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