five minutes north.

Above: random civilian marijuana on the Haarlemmerstraat. Below, today's traipse through the Spaarndammerbuurt: idling at Bickerswerf, lunching at Cafe Walvis, gawking at REM Eiland, and Scrabbling While Fake Frowning at Pont 13. Plus an adventurously skewed yet perfectly-cooked hangar steak with fondant potatoes, celeriac with bacon, green beans, and an onion/porcini compote.


Extra notes: we ended up at Walvis b/c I had a sudden post-workout blood sugar emergency and I knew Amsterdam Foodie had just said something mildly positive about it but I couldn't remember what. After sitting down, their beer selection looked pretty standard but OK, and I ordered an IJ-Zatte. She said that it was "op" (they'd run out). Boo, but OK, that was kind of a serious beer for 2pm anyway.

On the very basic and pretty standard lunch menu, there's one non-standard item toward which my shakily hungry VDuck eye immediately gravitated: the broodje mortadella, which is scrambled eggs, truffle mayo, tomato, and mortadella.

Shit yeah: I ordered it and the (friendly) waitress said OK! and I said yay (silently), and she went inside to place my order, returning 30 seconds later to say that it was also "op". Slumping in my chair, I ordered the broodje oude kaas (pictured below): aged Gouda, arugula, tomato, mustardmayo, and pine nuts. I HAVE LOW BLOOD SUGAR: DO NOT DISAPPOINT ME FURTHER.

In the end, it was less boring than expected, actually a nice version of this very common sandwich, but I couldn't help wondering how much happier I would've been with the two items I originally ordered.

Anyway, yes. Pleasant place, I like that the corner they're on somehow doesn't seem much like Amsterdam, maybe because of the comparatively wide sidewalks. Not sure I'd go out of my way for a visit, but as a Spaarndammerbuurt Blood Sugar Emergency Option it's just fine, and I guess that's kind of what AF was saying.


Pont 13 should be our new local, even though I'm sure that today's idyllic experience will become less idyllic pretty darn quick after October or so. Still, a warm and breezy bike ride five minutes north to a cute old ferry that features very friendly service, a rustically stylish interior, way-above-average-music (old country and unusually tolerable vintage reggae during our visit) and ambitious but reasonable local cuisine...we'll be back for more Scrabble, sun, and steak soon.

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