caesar salad deviled eggs.

Above: Swami Peter at the Wildeman. +++

Tomorrow it cleans the house and rewards itselves with these.


Wednesday the Mara heads off to the Scotland for a few days and that evening I think I'm cooking Japanese for the Swede. I mean, I'm definitely cooking dinner, I think it will be Japanese. I'm kind of ohhhh "in the zone" with it, and since my rehearsal for tomorrow is canceled, I have a little "extra time" to do geeky prep things like make my own okonomiyaki sauce. For my own reference here are things I'm thinking about doing:

Mini okonomiyaki (okonomiyakini?) or nasu dengaku.
Sake-rubbed roasted chicken (something I made up) with ginger-scallion, octo vinaigrette, and red dragon sauces (all Momofuku).
Quick salt pickles (Momofuku).
Furikake rice (something else that I made up but probably already exists).

Ehhhhhhh....dessert? Maybe green tea ice cream?


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