that's all you had to say.

Dutch racial insensitivity is in the news quite a bit these days, thought we'd celebrate the occasion with a pack of Negroes. Cookies, I mean.


That's it. We're done with "doing stuff" for the year, as in things that involve responsibility. And it is supernice, I must say....my heart goes out to you (metaphorically) if you're not in this kind of luxurious position.

OK I mean sure there are little things to do, like sending mailorder packages, making web pages, updating spreadsheets, and oh yeah trying to get our really expensive accountants to actually finish our taxes. Fuckers.

But mostly the plan is to sit inside and play Scrabble and catch up on unwatched movies and yes, of course, cook. But otherwise nothing. Sleep. It's been a fucking ridiculous year, you have no idea. Or, yes, some of you have some idea, but the point is: this duck needs to get in the Scimulator for a while and redetermine what everything's all about.



Klary said...

strange coincidence, the ridiculousness of our years. or maybe not. happy hibernating....

MEM said...

hard to say, hard to say. i'd say mine was quite suddenly and radically ridiculous whereas you'd been gradually going ridiculous for a bit....or maybe not.