behind the wall of sleep.

For all my insomniac brothers and sistas out there: among other things I discovered this past week, I hit upon a (at least temporarily) successful new "natural" sedative mix that really seems to get at one of the, ahem, roots of the problem (some kind of anxiety loop) instead of just knocking a brother out like OTC shit like Unisom (and often making him crabby as shit the next day). And the star of the show is now: ze passion flower.

When I was in Berlin in September I began taking valerian root again, at a slightly higher dosage than I'd ever tried before, and while it was definitely helping me sleep, it was fucking with my stomach as well. So when I stumbled across a semi-forgotten bottle of passion flower last week I decided to see if I could work it into my sleep melange instead of ODing on valerian.

Now I'm back down to recommended doses of melatonin, valerian, and passion flower, and it's really working like the proverbial champ so far, which is always a revelation: 3 or 4 nights in a row of relatively normal-feeling sleep does wonders for one's outlook. And at nighttime I can actually feel the precise moment the passion flower shuts off my mental looper, and I'm asleep 10 minutes later. I am recommend.


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