Looks like Santa was good to Mara, bringing her that Real Doll she's been wanting (link NSFW). Only $5,499 (plus shipping), plus $315 for the Optional Hi-Realism Eyes and $150 for the Optional Real Eyebrows.


It's that time of year, where everyone who's ever had an opinion trots out their "Best Of 20xx" list in order to validate their awesomely discerning senses of style and taste and probably something else as well.

I'm mostly only pretending to whinge. It's a useful exercise I think, going back through the year or decade and reminding yourself what or whose creative output struck your fancy or made you feel something, if for no other reason than reminding yourself that "ah, yes...I really did see some good movies/books/music this year."

What follows here is not a Best Of list, but my personal reference list of Other People's Best Of highlights that I haven't yet seen/heard/read. I keep this kind of stuff on VDuck not to demonstrate my own awesomely discerning sense of style and taste, but because there's literally no other place in my world where I will be able to reliably locate this list after I spend an hour or two making it.

So...welcome! It's not done yet, but...



There's quite an interesting and deep discussion on the last decade's films going on here, but I haven't really had to time to parse it. Yes I said parse.


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