Actually, it's quite a bit later than that. In lieu of sleeping, I'm making lists in my head, so I thought that writing them here might make them go away for a while.

Before I jotted down This Morning's 5:14 Obsession, I did some Googling on what a "safe" amount of melatonin would be. I normally take 0.3 mg per night, which is three of these tiny tiny pills. People with chronic insomnia can be prescribed doses of up to 6mg (60 of my tiny tiny pills). So it seems that another one shouldn't hurt me right now.

After I jotted down TM5O, I combined some mozzarella and harissa in my mouth (wrapped in a bit of lavash), and I was reminded of this thing that I once wanted to make but forgot about.


Today's shopping list:

1 jar roasted eggplant
1 thing of yoghurt
check to see if our garlic is still alright
2 lemons
1 cup of walnuts
3-6 red peppers or a jar
pomegranate molasses



The above was all for some birthday party cooking I'm doing, any guesses as to what I'm making? That was rhetorical, I'm making Syrian muhammara and Persian borani e badjeman, those are my spellings without Googling, now let's see how close I was to the generally accepted spellings: yes and oops.

Does that ever happen to you? You think you learn a word in another language, and pronounce it in your head enough to where you "learn" the pronunciation, only to find out later that you've made some sort of gross transposition of elements? Nope, just me? Coooool.


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