Like Klary
, someone gave me a truffle the other day. Actually they gave it to me at Klary's house, though it didn't come from the same source as Klary's truffle. And the kind, kind giver was just about one of the last people you'd expect to hand you a truffle and say "No, really...take this," and I don't mean that in a bad way at all.

And also like Klary, mine was not the Most Potent Fungi Ever. It's taste approximated a very strong mushroom, but I think in a blindfolded smell test, I wouldn't have said "truffle" as one of my first two guesses. And that's not really what truffles are known for, being aromatically coy.

So, after using about half of it on some eggs (which didn't suck), I decided to stick the remainder in some olive oil for a couple of days to see if I could at least get some trufflish oil out of the deal...hence the chocolatey gloss on the slice pictured above.


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