on pause.

I'm going to go ahead and put this thing on pause for a while...I'm barely cooking at all, other than making these green beans once every couple of days (I like them with a few gratings of Parmesan or pecorino, and don't leave out the anchovy, it's critical!).

Other than that I'm frying tempeh, eating smoked salmon and other various non-thrilling things*, and for a change I don't feel much like babbling on glibly about the rest of my activities, so...let's all go find something more entertaining to do with ourselves for awhile. If you're really hard-up for action you can watch whatever tiny friction occurs when I bad-mouth someone and they show up to complain about it. O, the perils of fame.


* Not including the pozole de pato (duck!) that I made on Wednesday, that was/is totally thrilling. Unfortunately it was the last of the poSole, so my quantities were limited...there wasn't enough to freeze and Mara and I are both eyeing the sole remaining serving very protectively.


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