beet conducta.

When I said I'd never heard of beets and bacon together, I wasn't thinking of salads. 

This swarm of Bs I've made before: beets, bacon, Bibb, blauwekaas, bieslook, balsamic....and some other non-B things.

Sometime next week I'll hopefully get to the recipe that started all of this: bietjes met speklapjes.


Not much blogging going on lately, maybe you've noticed. Nothing wrong, just not spending much time in the kitchen, which is for me sometimes good. The most interesting thing I cooked last week was sopropo or bitter melon, which I may write about one day. 

I did come to the conclusion that there's no way to prepare this vegetable that un-bitters it: if you've tried to make it before and found it too bitter, well then you're just S.O.L. It's bitter. I myself tried to duplicate the Surinamese treatment I encountered at the Ten Katemarkt (tomato, butter, trassi, garlic, Madame Jeanette) and generally succeeded.


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Klary Koopmans said...

that recipe looks weird to me.. I´d do either one of these things with speklappen:
brown them in butter and then braise slowly for about 45 minutes (add a little wine or vinegar) OR cook slowly over low heat for 15 minutes to render the fat, then raise the heat and brown them until crispy.