great moments in cultural interchange, part 48291.

Groningen, afternoon. NELSON and MORSE sit opposite each other on two different parts of the same vintage sectional couch. They are COMPUTING. NELSON receives an EMAIL.

NELSON: oh shit
MORSE: what
NELSON: well you know how you camp before school?
MORSE: what?
NELSON: how you camp before school
MORSE: what are you saying, it sounds like you're saying "how you camp before school"
NELSON: i am. you know how you go to camp before you start school?
MORSE: i have no idea what the fuck you're talking about
NELSON: you don't do this?
MORSE: do what, camp before school? that doesn't even make any sense
NELSON: ok, before you start the new school year you don't go camping with your new classmates?
NELSON: what
MORSE: the best part is that you think that's completely normal
NELSON: what?
MORSE: that is fucked up
NELSON: going camping with your classmates is fucked up?
MORSE: yes. so you're doing that?
NELSON: shit, yes, first week of september. ugggggghhhhhhh
MORSE: lol


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