Above: Hindeloopen and the sloppiest little cemetery in Nederland (from 1570). Below: not a camera trick, that is really the size of the XL Tosti with cheese from De Nylander at De Hinde, pretty good actually despite its giant-size gimmickry; meandering through the empty streets of Hindeloopen; cool tiles at the Museum Hindeloopen; then off to Workum, also abandoned in the off-season, where we spent the evening eating deer meat (ok just me) and suikerbrood and making unwise bets on pool games in a completely empty disco/billiards bar, then back to our completely empty hotel.

In the morning, our (giant) kind-of German hotel breakfast (including more suikerbrood); then a drive off along the coast through Arum, Kimswerd, Oudebildtzijl, and 17 other places continuing to look for the next Ferndale.

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