canned good.

Ummm, yeah. "In Spain last month" (I will stop using that sentence eventually, promise), I brought a separate piece of luggage with me for transporting home cheap non-gourmet canned seafood. And other stuff. In the end I felt like I wasn't bringing home enough, but I just didn't know what was good and what wasn't, you know how it is, and you hate to lug home 13 kilos of below-average calamares.

Of course this particular can is nowhere near below-average`, because fuck yeah: it's in American sauce. 

OK, so it wasn't unreservedly delicious either: turns out "American sauce" is just tomatoes and white wine. But it wasn't bad, and after a healthy pinch of crushed red pepper and a fistful of cilantro, it was pretty darn good over rice, a bargain for €1.69 or something.

The mussels below: not worth repeating, emphasizing the least attractive qualities of mussel taste and texture, I'll let you imagine what those are. I guess this little post is going to be a reminder for "what (not) to get next time".

The ventresca (tuna belly): I could've just filled up my entire suitcase with this, these cans cost €2 each and it's the kind of thing you easily pay four or five times that for in Amsterdam. I did most of my shopping at Mercadona, the Dirk van den Broek of Spain, and Hacendado is their house brand, it's seeming like one of the best in terms of price/quality.

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