friet to be, you and me.

It seems like whenever we have an out-of-town guest, one of the first things they ask for is a friet (or frites, depending on who they are). And it seems like it's usually in the middle of the afternoon, which is a weird time to eat at Amsterdam restaurants anyway b/c of lunch/dinner changeover. Add to that the fact frites are not usually orderable separately on restaurant menus (they usually come with main dishes)...and it's always a puzzle as to where the nearest place is that we can have a beer and some frites, ideally while sitting outside on a canal..

For our future reference: the answer is literally just around the corner at Cafe Nassau.

Also, we often wonder what the best way to do Indonesian is, and the answer is obviously still Terang Boelan. The rijsttafel is €21 (get it with white rice not fried rice because everything's quite salty enough already), and if you add two lemper and a side of bami, €27 feeds three people quite handily. And why the fuck am I italicizing every non-English word. Anyway if you get the whole thing cold (iow, not warmed up), you can then go to a bar for a drink or three before you take your grub home. Grub.


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