wild turkey.

OK I'm back. Catching you up, above: the first King's Day ever and a bit of Klary's hair I think. Below: the reality of the BIMhuis dressing room (that is not my Wild Turkey, it's Jasper's, who possibly relatedly fell off his bike and broke his wrist the next night just before he was supposed to go on tour the next day, he went anyway, good man); the reality of the BIMhuis DJ set up (those are not my CD turntable thingies).

Then the next night's Ellington band (not pictured, my five-or-six-hour DJ set afterwards, no lie); the ugly reality of this past Wednesday's Sleep Gunner gig at OCCII (that's not my amp, the best compliment of the night came from the sound guy "that's the first time I've ever heard that amp sound good"); pizza party in the Kolenkit Friday night. Now please...get it off me. 

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