non ce la faccio più.

Basta, guardones...wat een toestand. My brain is a funny one when it comes to language. We just returned from four days in Italy last night, and I realized when I went out grocery shopping today that I still had Italian pre-loaded in the one "foreign language" slot my brain can hold. I'd gradually been filling this slot with Italian over the past four days, but then sometimes, or often even, Dutch words would force their way into my Italian sentences, or would completely resist being displaced at all. It took me about two days to replace "bijna" (almost) with "quasi" (almost). I think someone should look into what this phenomenon is called and then write about it intelligently here (in a single language they can speak OK).

We.....had a pretty fun time, despite a first gig that would've sent us into a death spiral implosion two years ago, and despite a nationwide rail strike that probably prevented most people in Italy from accomplishing their goals for the week. And despite a pretty relentless beer regimen, which probably would also have kept most Italians from accomplishing their etc. I'll be blogging about it somewhere, maybe a cross-posting thing with the SG blog, starting tomorrow.

Above: perfectly-timed BSOD during hour eight of transit yesterday on the way to Malpensa. Below: beer #1, outside the airport doors, a beer which would never fly in America.


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