day something or other.

Mirtazapine update here soon, but for now  It's actually day 106. Just a comment on how the ol' appetite stimulation is working out: pretty much fine. I'm rarely kneeling in front of an open refrigerator at midnight anymore. I am spending an inordinate amount of time looking at pictures of things I feel like I should be eating, but I'm not even sure if that's different than it used to be. I've also developed an unfortunate taste for ice cream, but I use an incredibly tiny spoon so it's under control.

As of a few weeks ago, "energy depletion" had actually become more of an issue than "appetite stimulation". It's been an issue since the beginning but now it's the number one issue: just like in the afternoon/evening a kind of a hollow feeling inside like I was made out of bendy straws. Caffeine seemed to have no discernible effect. Then a few days ago I started messing around with ginseng, and this seems to be doing something good. Though I need to check on the dosage to make sure it's something like what normal people take.

Also new in the last three days or so: especially great sleep, and of a pretty reasonable duration. 15mg mirtazapine at 9:45pm; 1mg of melatonin at 11pm or so, asleep by 11:30, awake at 7:30 or 8am feeling great. Weird. Weight? I was back up to my pre-mirtazapine mystery weight thanks to repeated daily doses of beer and pizza but now seem to be back down a kilo or two. Trying to officially drop into the weight class below this one, a number which I may share with you once it happens. Oh yeh: I'm off alcohol for some weeks.


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