chicken, or steak?

Hey there everbody, what's up. You will be noticing that not much blogging is happening here and when it is happening it is completely just going through the motions.

Case in point: so I went to roast a chicken tonight, and once again spent some time futilely looking for my perfect roast chicken recipe on this here site. As always, I couldn't find it, because as always, I've never actually posted it here.

So, here it basically is. I vary the herbs and spices, but the cooking process is essentially the same, except sometimes I only do the first two flips. Thus, at 450F: 20 minutes breast side up, 15 minutes breast side down. Then down to 375F and two more 15 minute flips.

Also: the Maroc suddenly has blood oranges, which taste more like Italy than just about anything else we can get our hands on.


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