i cover the waterfront.

So, it's over for a while. And in the adrenaline-free vacuum created in its wake, we have moments of potential relaxation and "summertime".

We had to bike a bunch of borrowed stuff back to the studios yesterday, one of which is across the IJ in Amsterdam North, so we decided to reward ourselves with a late lunch at Restaurant Stork which is literally around the corner from said studio.

We'd been going to Stork every day for one thing or another: coffee, beer, a sandwich, wine, but we hadn't yet had a proper meal. Tucked away in a traffic-less corner of the harbor, it's a relaxed, pretty location, even on an overcast afternoon like yesterday's. The service is pretty typical Amsterdam, but our one waitress did actually recognize us and engaged us in a bit of conversation, so that was noteworthy.

The food? Well-prepared and unpretentious if a tiny bit boring (I feel like I write this sentence all the time), but pretty reasonably priced for what and where it is, and very fresh: below is a seafood plate (€27.50 for two people) featuring: Holtkamp shrimp croquettes (yum!); eggs with anchovies; smoked eel from Firma de Kort; smoked trout, salmon, and halibut from Frank's Smoke House; and a pile of tiny pink Hollandse garnalen I think. Combined with a seared tuna Nicoise and a few oysters, the three of us barely finished everything. But yes, eventually, we did.


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Paola said...

Yum!! As a seafood lover, this is definitely something I have to try!