eastern daylight time.

Above: Hilly and Anat at Paradiso.


So, yeah, hi there. It looks like I will be going to Sweden for ten days in August, which will be my first time in Scandinavia. In the manner of past adventures, I will be using this here post as Planning Central.

Which, much like last year's Sardinia trip, is proving difficult to research. Sweden is apparently not the biggest tourist destination of all time, and the people who do visit are focusing their efforts on Stockholm and areas south.

I, on the other hand, am just landing in Stockholm and then heading north. Far north, first to Umeå, and then up north of the Arctic Circle towards Gällivare and the land of the midnight sun...looking forward to the outcome of my insomnia vs. no darkness. Will it be easier to sleep if I can't worry about the sun rising?

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steph said...

A friend of mine who lived in Luleå for a few years says to just drive around out in the middle of nowhere, which is not hard to reach. There aren't many tourist attractions except the nature. There is a buddhist temple in Fredrika, if you are feeling really adventurous.

MEM said...

thanks steph...i'm pretty sure there will be plenty of driving around in the middle of nowhere, as Norrland is mostly "middle of nowhere"...

yeah, i'm not really looking for tourist attractions per se, just some notes from someone else who's traveled up there....i'm still looking.